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" We exist to help you create wealth through growing your business with best in class accounting, tax and business management advice, thus ensuring a sustainable future for you and your family, your customers, your employees and your suppliers."

Welcome to Demack Accountants, an independent firm of Chartered & Certified Accountants, Chartered tax specialists and business advisors. We offer a full range of accountancy and taxation services that is committed to excellence in personalized services, attention to detail and is highly responsive to your needs. We cater to all individuals and all companies regardless of location and size.

Demacks Chartered Accountants have specialist departments to help you at every stage of the development of your business from starting up to exit strategy, as well as the intrinsic accounting and taxation services that you would expect from a firm of Chartered Accounta

Our focus

Demack is focused on helping our clients build and retain wealth. Demack can provide a tailored service for you and your business that will save you money. No client is too small or too large for us to provide efficient, effective and high quality service.

Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss how Demack Accountants could be of service to you and to your business.

BUSINESS START-UPS: Most businesses are started as a result of a good business proposition. The entrepreneur may ..

ACCOUNTS PREPARATION: Although producing regular, meaningful financial information is crucial to the management of any business, Accountancy is no longer about a summation of facts and figures....

TAX PLANNING AND ADVICE: When looking for tax advice, it pays to seek a Chartered Tax Advisor. Efficient tax planning would mean significant improvements to any business's bottom line –profit. Our professional expertise and pro-active approach helps to create imaginative and profitable solutions to maintain a healthy bottom line...

TAX ENQUIRY AND INVESTIGATIONS: The Inland Revenue undertakes routine enquiries and investigations from time to time, which if not handled professionally, could prove to be highly stressful to you. We can act as your agent, dealing with the Inland Revenue directly on your behalf...

PERSONAL & BUSINESS TAXATION: Anyone in business, whether as a Sole trader or a Partnership, is liable to pay income tax on their business profits. Our job is not simply to calculate and tell you how much tax you are due to pay...

INCOME TAX: Individuals are liable to pay income tax on most types of income, including income from employment, self employment and investment income. Every Pound of income tax saved means more income at your disposal...

SELF ASSESMENT: Did you know; 1 in every 5 Tax Returns submitted is late | 3 in every 10 Tax Returns are wrong! Not only that, but also in the first year of the self-assessment tax regime alone nearly 800,000 taxpayers received £100 penalties for failing to submit their tax returns on time. This is because the UK system of `self-assessment' automatically hands out penalties for late submission of tax returns..

INHERITANCE TAX: Inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax payable on the value of an individual's estate on death. However, Inheritance tax also becomes payable during an individual's lifetime on certain type of gifts....

CAPITAL GAINS TAX: Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is payable on the sale or transfer of an asset. Broadly speaking, the appreciation in the value of an asset between the time it was acquired and the time it was disposed of, attracts Capital Gains Tax....

CORPORATE TAX: Companies are legal entities and are liable to pay corporation tax on their profits for each accounting period...

NATIONAL INSURANCE: National Insurance (NI) applies to the employed, employees and the self-employed...

PAYE: If you are concerned with the demands made on your time by your payroll requirements...

VAT Value Added Tax Advice: As with its ever-increasing demands, HM Customs & Excise is also constantly expanding the scope


At Demack we understand well the pressures on the small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, as a busy businessman you have precious little time left to spend on making sure all the compliance requirements of the Companies Act ...

In detail, we can assist with:

  • Company formations
  • enance of Statutory records such as Share Register.
  • Preparation and filing of Statutory Returns with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Preparation of all documentation such as minutes, resolutions, share allotments, dividend vouchers.
  • Registered Office facility for Limited Companies.
  • Director and Secretary appointment and amendments.
  • Changes of Registered Office.
  • Amendments of Articles of Association.
  • Share allotments and transfers.
  • Preparation of Dormant Accounts
  • Minimising business tax 2024 or Minimising personal tax

Accounting made easy
>> Self-assessment: are you organized for this year, does it have to be a last minute rush
>> Tax investigations increasing by 25%, would you be prepared?
>> VAT – Are you up to date with your VAT accounting, do you understand the regulations
>> New businesses are you comfortable with the accounting tax requirements?

Want better TAX ADVICE for 2024-5?

Setting up in business | Legal Compliance | Keeping informed | Planning for profit | Raising finance |
Managing growth | Buy, sell or merge | Minimising tax | Agreeing tax liabilities | Tax Rates 2017/2018 |

What Are The Benefits For You Demack?

  • Most business owners are facing challenges in these harsh financial times. We are passionate about your business and finding not only solutions to these challenges, but also to help you progress, grow and, most importantly, keep more of what you earn.
  • Despite the economic downturn our Top 15 customers have increased their combined net worth by 79% and are still growing!
1-3: Compliance work

Regular visits of at least three times a year

Deeper knowledge/understanding of business

We are interested in being closely associated with your business

So you get peace of mind from knowing someone is paying close attention to how your business is running the whole year and not just when the accounts need doing.

We will show you the valuable insight that can be gained from the analysis of your accounts.

Helping you understand your accounts so you can spot potential opportunities or danger areas much more quickly, helping you plan your cash flow more accurately.

And giving you guidance on how you can improve your profitability.

So you know book-keeping and accounting systems are working through the year so preventing any nasty surprises at the end.

You can get a lot more out of your accountant than compliance work.

4: Pushing for Profits

Forecasts to implement the four ways to grow

Using the details of your accounts

Pushing for Profits workshop

Time away from working IN your business to work ON your business allowing you to focus on its true potential.

By using the four ways to grow model you will be able to set a specific action plan to develop your business over the coming financial year to maximize your profit margin.

From our knowledge of your accounts we can create accurate forecasts that plot the best way to grow your business by highlighting the areas with the most potential for increased profitability.

5: Taking Financial Control

Monthly accounts


The monthly reviews of the taking financial control programme will keep you focused on your financial and tactical goals and keep a focused eye on profitable opportunities.

The programme will make sure you have the ALL information you need to allow you to feel confident in all the necessary financial and tactical decisions you will need to make.

It will also make sure you are within or beating your cash flow, balance sheet and P&L forecasts helping you make the most of the money you have and stop unnecessary wastage.

6: Planning For Growth

Development of Business Plan

Helping you keep more of what you earn

Tax mitigation

All good businesses have a robust plan for the future. The Planning for Growth process helps you to construct a solid vision of the direction and growth of your business.

From this strong relationship and in-depth understanding of your company you can develop long term strategies which include tax mitigation planning.


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Business start-ups, Accounts Preparation, Tax Planning and Advice, Tax enquiry and investigations, Personal & Business Taxation including Income Tax, Self Assessment Tax, Coming into/Leaving the UK, Inheritance tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax, National Insurance, PAYE, Value Added Tax Advice and Company Secretarial services

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